New zine, who this?

Yes Plz zine march issue at the printers

Fresh from the printer, the latest issue of our print zine marks our first monthly with a fun focus on food.

By Tony


March 4, 2020


cover of the march issue of the YES PLZ zine featuring Jessica Koslow

March marks the debut of our revamped monthly print zine — shipping alongside our delicious coffee beans throughout the month and available at select stockists and a smattering of friendly newsstands. Editor-in-chief Talia Lavin, Art Director Dustin Ames, and perpetually confused publisher yours truly are all really excited to get it into your hands!

Chef Jessica Koslow at Onda

Our March issue features an interview with chef and jam maker Jessica Koslow of the endlessly trendsetting Sqirl who is reshaping the ways we think about California cuisine.

We’ve also got the tale of a French town driven to madness by bad bread, a story of loving food while lacking a sense of smell, a review of cartoonist Adrian Tomine’s upcoming memoir, and a crossword puzzle. March is a great time to give Yes Plz a try.



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