Pitching stories to the Yes Plz zine

By Tony


February 2, 2020


[UPDATE 3/15/20: We’ve put new issues of our print zine on hiatus while we focus on staying safe, solvent, and ready to serve our coffee customers during these uncertain times. We look forward to having fun with this again soon. <3]

How to pitch stories for the Yes Plz monthly zine:

We’re a small zine with big ambitions publishing in print every month. You can see a sampling of past features by poking around our blog.  We especially love running stories from our coffee subscribers (hint hint)!

Here are some helpful guidelines for sending us pitches from our Editor in Chief Talia Lavin:

We’re looking for interesting work about food and culture that emphasizes universal human experience: love, loss, memory, sorrow, death, birth, and everything in between — all the subjects food and art touch upon in vital and unexpected ways. This is the stuff that Talia loves to read! Tell me about your favorite food as a kid; a food that you associate with first love, or a period of pain. Tell me about your worst kitchen failure, your most triumphant moment. I want food stories that will make both my mouth and my eyes water.

We’re also interested in trends and stories that touch on new hotness in the worlds of food, music, and art.

We’re looking for nonfiction as well as short fiction, poetry, short humor pieces and brief sketches.

We pay 00-500 for feature-length stories, and between 00 and 00 for shorter meditations (between 200 and 500 words). Submissions that include original photography and art will also be considered.

Send your submissions to pitches@yesplz.coffee

DO NOT send an inquiry about whether you can pitch; just send the pitch

If the piece is already written, attach it, with a summary of the piece in the body of the email. 

If you’ve submitted a piece elsewhere simultaneously, let us know. 

Please be patient! We’re a very small staff and we’re doing the best we can. Don’t send a follow-up email until at least two weeks have passed (then feel free to send a follow-up!). 

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