It’s no secret that California, and Los Angeles in particular, is in the midst of a housing crisis of colossal proportions. While there are many organizations devoted to helping relieve this issue, we like Skid Row Coffee in particular because they live their values by providing job training to the community they serve, and donating 100% of their profits to help people experiencing homelessness transition back to the housed community. “We demand justice and are fighting back by addressing the economic reality of Skid Row, by organizing around food.” Danny Park, Community Development and Marketing for Skid Row Coffee told us. “We are reclaiming food by learning and developing community-based means of productions, jobs with fair wages, and products and services that nourish our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, while uplifting the creative spirit.”

Visit their website to learn more about what Skid Row Coffee does or to donate.

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Image courtesy Skid Row Coffee