When interviewing KP of Black Belt Eagle Scout for this issue, a subject that came up over and over again was how essential her experience at the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Portland was in her becoming the amazing musician she is. “Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles is a place where girls are given the tools and guidance to create whatever they want to create. It’s a place where we say ‘we love you for who you are,’ and ‘you can just be yourself here.’” Co-Executive Director Becky Gebhardt tells us. When last year only one female musician won a main Grammy award (the wonderful Alessia Cara for Best New Artist) we think that any organization that supports girls and young women pursuing their passion for music is sorely needed. Not only do campers learn how to play instruments, write, perform, and make music videos, they are also given the confidence to follow their dreams.

Visit their website to learn more about what Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles does or to donate.

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Image courtesy Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles