Virginia Woolf once famously declared that “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” This ingenious formula can be applied to nearly every creative pursuit, and of course to every gender. If I were to update it for 2019 I would say, “humans must have money, a quiet space to work, and a community if they are to create art.”

It appears that the folks at the East Bay Photo Collective would agree. The informal collective are currently raising funds to create a community photo center in the San Francisco Bay Area, which will provide facilities, education, inspiration, and community to East Bay photographers, especially those who are under-served or lack access to a creative community. The photo center will include a gallery, workshops, darkrooms, and other facilities designed to help photographers in their community meet their full potential and engage with like-minded artists. Currently, EBPCO is accepting monetary donations, and donations of used photography equipment, including film cameras of all types and film and photographic paper.

Visit their website to learn more about what East Bay Photo Collective does or to donate.

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Image courtesy East Bay Photo Collective