As our guest editor for this issue, Mike Spinelli writes in his introductory letter to this issue: “For residents of suburbs, exurbs, and rural areas—which offer a far lower cost of living relative to cities—as well as for those in low-income communities facing displacement from urban gentrification, cars are not a vice to be given up; they are the very definition of social mobility.”

Founded in 2012, Cars That Care aims to address that need. The foundation coordinates donations of unwanted vehicles and other recourses to provide transportation for single mothers and needy families. The foundation accepts vehicles to refurbish and donate or dispose of and uses money towards repairing usable cars. Recipients are also taught maintenance and proper care of their vehicle.

“We are a hand up, not just another hand out,” says Founder Earl DeWaal.

Visit their website to learn more about what Cars That Care does or to donate.

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Image courtesy Cars That Care