Nurturing young performers

More than one hundred years ago, three-dozen music lovers first met in Atlanta, Georgia to form the Women’s Music Study Club—a nonprofit music education organization. Now called the Atlanta Music Club, the organization strives to make great music affordable to the public and better serve Atlanta’s cultural life. Having established the Civic Concert Series, which brought internationally-renowned concert artists to the city, AMC also supports local talent through smaller public concerts, education programs, and music programing in hospitals and educational TV in addition to many other initiatives. AMC is the main reason that Atlanta now has a wealth of cultural venues including the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Choral Guild, and the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra.

Today, AMC continues to present local talent in affordable and accessible venues; monthly musicales of professional musicians; and educational programs in churches, homes and halls in the city in addition to providing educational opportunities for students to perform in Young Performers Concerts and annual Scholarship Audition.

Image courtesy Atlanta Music Club.