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  • Release #134
  • Blend NameFive On It
  • Ship DateJun 11, 2021

We found five coffees that form an epic ensemble. We start with beans hailing from Peru, Guatemala, and Ethiopia that comprised the crowd-pleasing smash hit of Release 132 a couple weeks back. But this time we add a mellow and nutty yellow catuai from Brazil and just a touch of a juicy sweet Colombia. Think of it as an extended remix that’ll make your morning’s dance! Learn More.

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We help beans play nicely together.

We’re doing something that’s supposed to be impossible: creating new, mouth-wateringly good coffee blends every week. While most blends made by other folks are just dumbed-down dumping grounds for second-tier beans, we create an ever-evolving blend of the best beans available, roasted with care, and tweaked in every conceivable way to taste awesome. No corners cut. Like single-origin beans? We do that too.

TLDR: We’re Jedi coffee masters making exceptional coffee for everyone, every week.

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Coffee novice? Coffee nerd? Welcome. Here’s how it works.

We source and roast the very best coffees to release a new and unique blend every week

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Freshly roasted, premium beans appear in your mailbox, ready to brew and enjoy

Each week of the Yes Plz subscription is a sequence of unknown delights: sometimes it’s a blend, sometimes it’s a single origin, but whatever they’re shipping is guaranteed to be delicious.
Yes Plz is, hands down, the coolest coffee subscription out there…Backed by two renowned roasters, every “release” is unique and roasted with care in Los Angeles.
The duo believes the best cups of coffee are the ones made and enjoyed at home, so their goal is to inspire home-brewing at an accessible cost.
It feels like you’re getting more than coffee. It’s something I think they’ve done really well.
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Marco Arment Remember Tonx? Yes Plz is its spiritual successor from one of its founders. It’s the best-tasting and best value mail-order coffee I’ve had to date.
Wil Wheaton The coffee I just got from YES PLZ is some of the best I've had in recent memory. A+++ will Aeropress again.
Arleen Sorkin The coffee is so good I want to eat it with a fork.