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Issue 040

This issue we meet Ben Collins of Detroit’s minihorse who bridges sound and science, makes apps, and has the weird side-hustle of babysitting an android; Willy Blackmore talks to Seamus Blackley whose Ancient Yeast Club project aims to bring archeology and DNA analysis to sourdough bread; Remembering David Berman; and more.


Mix 040

Building on a foundation of a winning coffee from Guatemala (the delicious Lucita Linda), we tease out some extra sweetness and nuance with the addition of a few favorites, including an Ethiopia stunner from the Wegida Idido Cooperative.

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Yes Plz delivers news with it’s morning coffee
Sumi Ali wants to make coffee culture more accessible
Tony Konecny is back in the mail-order whole-bean coffee business

Marco Arment Remember Tonx? Yes Plz is its spiritual successor from one of its founders. It’s the best-tasting and best value mail-order coffee I’ve had to date.
Wil Wheaton The coffee I just got from YES PLZ is some of the best I've had in recent memory. A+++ will Aeropress again.
Arleen Sorkin The coffee is so good I want to eat it with a fork.

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