At Home with Yes Plz: Dayna Bowers

a large canvas case full of chunky colorful markers belonging to Dayna Bowers, visual facilitator

A peek at the morning routine of Dayna Bowers, Visual Facilitator

By Tony


September 6, 2022

Coffee Blog

At Home with YES PLZ is our new series looking at the morning routines of our fellow coffee drinkers and creatives.

We recently paid a visit to Dayna Bowers who walked us through her morning routine and one of the most interesting jobs we’ve encountered—doing realtime visual facilitating for meetings using her artistic and improvisational skills.

From corporate meetings and conferences to non-profits and community groups, Dayna adds color with her creative realtime note taking, adding an extra dimension of visual learning. If you've experienced graphic recording during a meeting firsthand, you likely found it helpful both for active listening and retention—particularly if your own note taking skills are a bit rusty. It also encourages attendees to be more involved and for meetings to be more democratic.

Dayna Bowers, visual facilitator at work in her home studio

"It’s really helpful to have people feel heard. You can feel really validated when something that you’ve said is placed on the board."

You can see more of her work on Instagram and on her website.

At Home with YES PLZ looks at the morning routines of our fellow coffee lovers. For the finest coffee roasted fresh, delivered to your door, and performing deliciously in your kitchen—hit us up and let’s share some beans! And if you want to sip the same decaf that Dayna is drinking, we've got you covered.

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