At Home with Yes Plz: Sumi Ali

A peek at the morning routine of Sumi, cofounder of Yes Plz

By Tony


September 20, 2022

Coffee Blog

At Home with YES PLZ is our new series looking at the morning routines of our fellow coffee drinkers and creatives.

Since we're looking at the morning routines of many of our customers, it's only fair we share our own. Sumi wears many hats as CEO of Yes Plz, balancing business duties with his more culinary commitments and keeps his morning coffee ritual at home as simple as possible.

His weapon of choice is an automatic drip machine (the Breville Precision Brewer, one of the best), which not only brews great coffee (starting with the very best beans of course) but in ample enough quantity to keep his household running on endless refills. And the demands of his small companion Quincy also require him to stay well caffeinated.

"I love using an automatic coffee brewer. I feel like if you can’t throw some beans in a brewer and just smash a button and it tastes good, then the roaster didn’t do a great job."

Sumi's dog Quincy

Quincy concurs.

At Home with YES PLZ looks at the morning routines of our fellow coffee lovers. For the finest coffee roasted fresh, delivered to your door, and performing deliciously in your kitchen—hit us up and let’s share some beans!

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