Blending Wet

By Tony


March 30, 2022

Coffee Blog

We made this short video as a visualization of the “wet blending” we do at every coffee cupping to come up with each unique, fresh, and insanely delicious YES PLZ release. Check it out!

Wet blending or “cup blending” has taught us a lot about the dynamic range of great coffees and stoked us toward always going the extra mile. Every table is a new flavor trip. A lot of roasters blend with unchanging recipes or formulas fixed far into the future — but we think the on-the-fly exploration of post-roast blending is where big culinary discoveries happen. We’ve tasted that even the finest single-origin coffees always will benefit from a bit of judicious blending. We think more roasters should be less timid and embrace blending with their best!

For more than 3 years running, we’ve proven our thesis with a string of extraordinary weekly releases and an unbeatable batting average we’re really proud of. Try our next one and taste for yourself.



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