Sour Coffee: A Quick Guide to Fixing Your Brew

A cup of coffee

How to fix sour coffee

By Chris Ali


March 25, 2024

Brew Coach

There's nothing more disappointing than taking that first sip of your coffee, only to be greeted by a sour taste. But fear not, coffee lovers! We've got some simple fixes to turn that sour experience into a delightful cup.

Check Your Beans: The foundation of great coffee lies in quality beans. Ensure you're using fresh, high-quality coffee beans. Coffee tends to lose its flavor over time, so consider purchasing beans in smaller quantities and storing them in an airtight container to maintain freshness.

Adjust Your Grind: The grind size of your coffee beans plays a crucial role in extraction. If your coffee is too sour, it might be because the grind is too coarse, leading to under-extraction. Try grinding your beans finer to increase the surface area for extraction and improve the overall flavor profile.

Check Your Water Temperature: The water temperature used during brewing is another critical factor. Water that's too cool can lead to under-extraction and sourness. Aim for a water temperature between 195°F to 205°F (90°C to 96°C) for optimal extraction.

Adjust Brewing Time: If you're using a drip coffee maker or a pour-over method, adjusting the brewing time can make a significant difference. Experiment with brewing times to find the sweet spot that balances the flavors in your coffee. Generally, a brewing time of 4-5 minutes is a good starting point.

Experiment with Ratios: The coffee-to-water ratio is crucial for achieving the right balance. Too much coffee or too little water can result in a sour taste. Experiment with different ratios until you find the one that suits your taste buds.

Clean Your Equipment: Residual oils and coffee particles can accumulate in your coffee-making equipment, impacting the flavor of your brew. Regularly clean your coffee maker, grinder, and any other tools you use to ensure they're free from any residues that might contribute to sourness.

Don't let a sour cup of coffee ruin your morning ritual. By making some small adjustments, you can easily fix the sourness and enjoy a delicious, well-balanced cup of coffee. Cheers to better mornings and better brews!

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