Foam If You Want To

Can you get coffee bar caliber milk foam without an espresso machine? The Nanofoamer launching on Kickstarter says you can.

By Tony


October 8, 2020

Coffee Blog

We sold our very first bags of Yes Plz beans on Kickstarter a couple years back… a humble beginning for our now mighty coffee subscription service. Over the years Kickstarter has become ground zero for a lot of coffee equipment launches, some silly, some flops, some pretty freakin’ cool. There’s one that just low-key launched that we think could be a bit of a home coffee game changer…

As longtime baristas ourselves, we’re very intrigued by the Nanofoamer — a small device for making proper microfoam out of your preferred milk that can give you champion latte art texture without the overhead of a prosumer espresso machine. We’re excited enough about it that we’ve offered up some Yes Plz bean samples to Nanofoamer’s early bird backers.

Why do we think this is a game changer? Well the truth is that most (not all) folks spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on precision home espresso gear or superauto machines are really chasing that perfect milk texture. The itch that’s being scratched is less pulling the perfect shot than delivering something smooth like a cappuccino or latte. What if that itch could be scratched almost as well or better with a strongly brewed coffee and some Nanofoamer foamed milk?

We can’t wait to get our hands on one and see what sort of new holiday drinks we can concoct. Personally, I look forward to putting a contemporary twist on a café au lait with properly textured milk.

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