At Home with YES PLZ: Jesse Honig

an assortment of guitar pedals arrayed at Jesse Honig of Believable Audio's studio

The Los Angeles-based guitar pedal engineer shares his morning routine

By Tony


October 12, 2022

Coffee Blog

At Home with YES PLZ is our new series looking at the morning routines of our fellow coffee drinkers and creatives.

We paid a visit with Jesse Honig, the owner and operator of Believable Audio and creator of the 29 Pedals brand. Jesse designs and builds high quality utility devices for musicians in his studio here in Los Angeles. For aficionados of guitar pedals, a visit to his workshop is a real treat.

Regarding guitar pedals Jesse says “they do a lot of interesting things that you associate with electric guitar, but you may not realize come from all these little devices made by different people.”

Jesse grew up near Philadelphia and has spent the majority of his life around audio gear, studios, and musicians. Working on high-end, vintage recording consoles inspired him to create his own products for musicians following that legacy of quality.

“I always thought I’d stay a tech, I didn’t really think I would start a brand until I woke up one morning and I had one.”

Jesse’s morning routine starts off in the kitchen with his trusty Chemex and some fresh roasted beans that show up magically in his mailbox before heading into the studio.

His approach to engineering is not unlike his approach to coffee brewing or cooking. “When you’re trying to do fun, cool stuff with guitars and guitar pedals, you encounter a lot of needless technical problems and I just like to solve that for somebody so they can just go back to being creative.”

Jesse Honig of 29 Pedals playing guitar

Special thank you to Mark Johnston for providing the music for this edition.



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