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pouring coffee from a Hario insulated carafe

Are you fussy about the the temperature you drink coffee at? We can help…

By Tony


April 20, 2022

Coffee Blog

The folks at NYT’s Ask Wirecutter took on the topic of how to keep your Chemex coffee from going cold and included some quotes from us. Turns out people have strong and wildly divergent opinions on the appropriate temperature for enjoying coffee—and it could even create some friction in your household.

Some folks wont drink anything less than absolute piping hot brews. Others need coffee to cool dramatically before taking even a first sip. Many weirdos insist all their coffees be served ice cold.

In our experience, when the coffee is exceptionally good and properly brewed, it should taste great (and sometimes even get better) as it cools. Bad coffee, however, tends to taste worse. Scalding hot brews can hide some of that yuck and this might explain why many habitually prefer their coffee at a tongue-searing temperature.

The Wirecutter piece links to several good suggestions for keeping your coffee hot—from dependable Zojirushi travel mugs to the impressive assortment of bespoke Chemex Cozies you can find on Etsy.

We’ve got a few of our own favorites to share. The trusty Hario Insulated Server is the perfect size for keeping your refills hot. Head roaster Aaron keeps his next to the machine on roast days for a steady supply. Devin brews most of his morning pour overs directly into one at home. Most modern drip coffee machines have ditched the old fashioned glass-on-a-hotplate for better vacuum insulated carafes—folks brewing manually can enjoy this advantage too!

hario insulated coffee server

But if you’re really the sort of person who needs their coffee to be at some perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cool Goldilocks temperature, you might be a candidate for the absurd, bluetooth enabled Ember smart mug.

Ember Smart Mug

The Ember lets you dial in and hold a mug of coffee at your ideal, personal sipping temperature (team 133°F here). As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s a pretty compelling experience. Great for that busy afternoon cup sipped slowly over several hours. You might be surprised at how fast it moves from feeling like an excessive, expensive, unnecessary luxury item to something essential. They even sell them at the Apple Store.

For some it seems absurd, putting all this fuss into coffee temperature, but we think there’s nothing wrong with optimizing a ritual you do daily. Maximizing your enjoyment of morning coffee (particularly starting with great fresh roasted beans) is a simple yet hedonistic kickoff to having a better day!



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