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Start the new year by throwing that capsule machine in the trash

By Tony


December 28, 2023

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If your current home coffee set-up is a Keurig K-Cup machine or Nespresso pods, we’d like to suggest the following New Year’s resolution: Upgrade. Ditch those crummy devices and overpriced unsustainable capsules and move up to making real coffee the right way.

Here’s the secret: good coffee is just good beans, freshly ground, add some hot water in the right proportion, and you’re most of the way there. It's easy.

Those silly capsule machines are just tricking you:

Calvin and Hobbes explore the ontological status of a common kitchen appliance

The alternative to K-Cups and Nespresso pods isn’t another convoluted appliance, frozen concentrates, or becoming some obsessive home espresso hobbyist with thousands of dollars of coffee toys. It’s simply a decent burr grinder and being smart about buying good beans.

Buy direct from an independent roaster—avoid the grocery aisle, Amazon, or those aggregator services—and get the good stuff fresh roasted straight from the source. If that roaster is consistently great (and we know one that is), support them by setting up a subscription. 

Your home coffee situation will rival what you can get waiting in line at any fancy coffee bar (and you’ll save money).

Here’s our no-brainer recipe to experiencing astonishingly great coffee at home with no fuss:

Get a good burr grinder. The Baratza Encore remains bang-for-buck, best in its class (and is available in our webshop).

Beans. Start with a bag of our ever-evolving flagship blend The Mix—a medium roast stunner of extraordinary beans that always hits high marks.

Water and something to heat it with. Just off the boil is the way to go.

A brewing device. It can be as simple and easy as a French Press or any of the popular pour-over drippers like V60, Kalita, or Chemex. There’s also many great drip coffee makers on the market that’ll hit the mark.

And if you’re a Yes Plz customer, we’re always happy to hold your hand through any gear selections, fine tuning your coffee-to-water ratios, and finding your groove for a reliable morning ritual.

Keurig and Nespresso are multi-billion dollar multinational businesses that don’t need more of your money and can’t give you a truly great cup. Embrace real coffee and support small artisan roasters who source from top growers and kick that commodity capsule coffee crap to the curb!

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