Mug Story: Zachary

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January 29, 2024

Mug Shot

This is my favorite mug, and by that, I mean favorite of all time

The only mug that has ever come close was a mug my grandfather used to serve me hot chocolate in as a kid. Similar to that mug, this one is so dark brown that it's almost black, and its texture plays along your palms with the warmth of whatever you're consuming. So it was an important addition to my life a few years back as I started to pick up the pieces after an all too common event after Covid-19 locked us in for months on end. During this new beginning, I was introduced to the creator of this mug, Jee of Seoul Sister Studios, by a friend, and immediately fell in love with the aesthetic of her ceramics. As soon as I unwrapped this from the protective wrapping, I felt the hard, cool, ceramic, tickle my hands, and wrapped my fingers around the handle and smiled as I placed it into my empty cabinet. It was with me every morning as I started my day, warming my body and soul, and giving me joy to fuel my days. About a year into ownership, it fell in the sink, and I picked it up to see the lip had broken. I decided to repair it, albeit a bit ham-handedly, using kintsugi, and once again, it gave me a new comfort and joy, and a memorable lesson. Embrace the impermanence of all things in life, and the nature of life to change from what we've become accustomed to. It is just a mug, and eventually it might break again, but damn if it hasn't brought me a lot of joy, even in breaking. 

Now, off I go to wipe these tears, and start a new day.

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