Mugs and Music

a cup of Yes Plz Coffee with headphones at the ready

We pair playlists with all of our weekly coffee releases. Here are some recent tunes we’ve shared

By Tony


May 11, 2022


Some folks take cream and sugar with their coffee… and some of us like to add a little auditory stimulation. Alongside every unique and delicious weekly Yes Plz coffee release we include a playlist of music. Sometimes it’s from a team member, often it’s from a customer. There’s a pretty wide range of genres and themes.

If you have Apple Music or Spotify you can find most all of them (Yes Plz on Apple Music, Yes Plz on Spotify) dating back to our earliest days. Here are just a few recent highlights that could be good places to explore some new sounds…

Experimental Hip Hop inspections and inspirations shared from producer Otto Moss. [Apple link, Spotify link]

Of course it goes without saying that If you discover an artist you really love on one of these streaming services, looking them up on Bandcamp and buying their music directly is a very cool thing to do. And if you’ve got a good playlist you think we’d like, slide into our DMs on the socials (Twitter, Instagram) and we’ll trade you beans for beats if we include it with a release!



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