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a bag of fresh roasted coffee labeled Refisa Ethiopia from YES PLZ Coffee

Something new from the YES PLZ crew

By Tony


August 31, 2022

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Yes Plz is built on the premise that even the very best single origin coffees will always benefit from a bit of judicious blending. Every week we prove this again and again, combining amazing coffees into unique releases that paint a big bullseye of deliciousness, no corners cut. Our flagship offering, The Mix, is an ever-evolving testament to this core conceit.

But for many coffee aficionados single origin remains the go-to signifier for authenticity. The first box you expect to see checked when sussing out whether a roaster is legit. A shortcut signal for seriousness. 

And for those coffee nerds among us walking on the path to becoming full-on coffee connoisseurs, tasting the terroir, the nuances of each botanical variety, processing style, and regional differences adds an extra dimension of appeal atop how it performs in the cup. We share this obsession.

A quick digression:

Many of you reading this will remember Tonx Coffee, our earlier incarnation—the seminal coffee subscription service which served up a new single origin coffee every other week. A curated exploration of the vast coffee landscape that held an impressively high batting average. The business that (sometimes awkwardly) bore my name. The company that discovered my current cofounder Sumi Ali’s impressive roasting talents, that flew our current green coffee advisor Ryan Brown around the world to top farms and mills. The startup that began humbly out the trunk of a car, built into something big with my brilliant cofounder Virginia Bauman—who I’m incredibly happy to announce today is working with us again at Yes Plz.

Since our inception, we always knew that when Yes Plz found its footing we would spin up a single origin offering to run alongside our blend. Even though every coffee we’ve ever roasted for The Mix is of a caliber to stand solo, we didn’t want to go there until we knew we could do it without losing focus. Today with our all-star team and some wind in our sails, we’re saying yes to a new weekly offering.

The Yes Plz single origin selections will change weekly, sometimes repeating or revisiting coffees when appropriate. A curated view of what we think is worthy of your tongue’s attention from week to week. An offering for people who want to lean just a bit toward adventure more than comfort and consistency.

Paradoxically, I believe shining a light on some single origin is going to help us tell the story of our approach to blending in better detail. And it’ll burnish our bona fides to colleagues and skeptics who question our quixotic culinary commitments. An S.O. that can go toe-to-toe with all that other joe. Let’s bring it!

Our debut release this week is the Nensebo Refisa Ethiopia, a beautiful fully-washed smallholder selection bringing berries, big body, cocoa, and ripe tropical fruit. One of those coffees that makes you understand why Ethiopia remains an undeniable zenith of flavor for so many of us. A joy to drink.

Pick up a one-time bag — or subscribe, save, and join us on a flavorful new journey.

Nensebo Refisa Ethiopia beans in a bright yellow bag from Yes Plz Coffee, a Wirecutter Best Coffee Subscription pick!


@tonx is a cofounder of YES PLZ, and only loves "the grind" when there's fresh roasted coffee involved.



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