The Pleasure Principle

Yes Plz delivers a dazzling, delicious decaffeinated coffee for all-day drinking.

By Tony


April 6, 2020

Coffee Blog

In my early years as a coffee drinker, the idea of drinking decaf never crossed my mind. Coffee was first and foremost a form of fuel — why on earth would I ever bother with a cup of coffee that wasn’t going to wake me up? Then when I became a barista, dialing in decaf was part of the job and I learned it wasn’t half bad. When I became a roaster I learned it could in fact be delicious, but most coffee companies still treated it as an afterthought.

Early in the life of Tonx Coffee we launched a decaf subscription and it became surprisingly popular. We discovered a lot of coffee lovers who were thrilled to get their delicious fix without the caffeine kick. I became a regular drinker of late night coffee, strictly for the pleasure.

At the roastery Sumi and Aaron have been pulling in and tasting every decaf offering we could get our hands on from some of the same mills and smaller exporters we work with for our regular offerings. We’ve been finding a few gems and we’re ready to start sharing them with you in our upcoming decaf launch. We’ll be releasing a fresh roast at the start of every month, but will increase our frequency as the demand develops.

The days of denigrating decaf are over. We think decaf drinkers are in some sense the real purists — drinking coffee purely for the pleasure and not the energy boost. We’ll aim to find the very best naturally processed decaf coffees for every release and we’ll be drinking them ourselves quite a bit. If you’re interested in joining us, we’re pre-selling our first release now.

Janet practicing some solo exercise while also demonstrating excellent social distancing. Tonx is currently trying to master these dance moves at home, but it’s hard without a full length mirror.




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