The YES PLZ Tournament of Carbs that Commonly Accompany Coffee: Round 1

coffee and pastry pairings

Coffee and carbs go together like coffee and carbs! But which pastry will reign supreme?

By Tony


July 28, 2021


Coffee and carbs. The combination goes all the way back to the tale of the shepherd Kaldi who, dubious legend has it, discovered the miracle of the coffee shrub while marching his goats to an ancient doughnut shop at a Sufi monastery. Today, an abundant pastry case is an inevitable element of any coffee bar design, and almost every good bakery has a well-developed coffee program.

So now, in the spirit of Sprudge’s Ultimate Coffee Bracket Challenge, we present a Tournament of the Carbs that Commonly Accompany Coffee. Sixteen pastries bracketed into a popularity contest that will determine which of these arbitrarily selected sweets will wear the virtual crown as coffee’s ultimate companion. The stakes could not be any lower! Who will triumph? You’ll decide!

Votes will be tallied from the results here on the blog, from Twitter, and from polling on our Instagram stories. It is thus possible for anyone to vote up to three times if they feel compelled and caffeinated enough to do so.

If your favorite coffee carb companion isn’t represented here or these selections seem too skewed to the typical selections of U.S. coffee bars, please complain to us as loudly as possible on Twitter and help further boost our engagement on this whole silly Buzzfeed-viral-quiz-circa-2010 affair.

Without further ado, the first round of voting!

[round 1 and 2 have closed but you can vote in the semi-finals!]

Voting in this round closes Thursday July 29 at noon PDT. Winners will advance to Round 2 and so on until only one carb remains. We’ll be doing color commentary as the votes roll in on our Twitter because I guess this is the sort of thing brands do to boost engagement or whatever. Like, follow, and subscribe to our delicious coffee beans and all that.

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