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Every YES PLZ release is accompanied by a playlist, let’s share a few…

By Tony


May 4, 2020


We’ve been curating weekly music playlists for Spotify and Apple Music to ship alongside our delicious coffee releases for a while now. We’re going to start sharing some of our favorites from the past year here on the blog, starting with a few I threw together myself. In the coming days, we’ll share some from our music editor Joshua Fisher, a few great playlists submitted by Yes Plz customers, and a bunch of guest curated lists submitted by artists and music producers we love.

Here’s four recent playlists from my own excursions into ambient-adjacent music to kick us off…

073 – Tranquil Afternoonin the spirit of moderating my caffeine intake, a playlist of calming electronic ambient-leaning tracks for afternoon chill.

071 Calm and BrightMusic that’s minimal enough to read, work or daydream by, but mostly uplifting and calming.

059 – Ambient Chill A slow melting glacier of ambient tracks to put a little frost on your winter windows.

064 – Glitchy, Fuzzy, Prickly, Hazy.Easy listening but with a loose definition of “easy”.

More to come!

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