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MUG SHOT – Phillip Kim

Favorite mugs and morning routines
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Phillip Kim, Ceramicist, Los Angeles

Every morning, after I wake up I head to the kitchen and go for the Aeropress. So simple. I usually do a pour-over and save the Aeropress for camping, though after I ran out of filters the last time I realized the Aeropress with a metal filter is all you really need. I get some water going (turn on the NY Times Daily in the background) and weigh out about 15 grams of coffee. I use the ratio of 1 gram of coffee to 16 grams of water. I feel like after a while you can eyeball this stuff, then check in when you’re not feeling as lazy to see where you’re at. I flip the Aeropress so it stands on its own, then coffee, water, stir, wait 3 minutes, turn it over onto a PKK Ceramics decanter, and there you go. 

Photographed by Devin Pedde

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