Get Beans!

Issue 004

December 17, 2018

Get Beans!

Shipped December 17, 2018


Our next issue is all about waste and features photographs by Misty Keasler who has documented communities living and working in garbage dumps in Guatemala, the Philippines, and Nigeria; a conversation with Matt Wilkins who disputes recycling as a panacea for our planet’s plastic; an interview with Joshua Solomon and Lee Reitelman who want you to think about your toilet paper; and more.


Sumi is digging into some Central American coffees, but might work in a bit of magic from Colombia and Uganda.

Issue Articles

Lee Reitelman and Joshua Solomon Want to Change the Way You Think About Toilet Paper

Plant Paper is a provocative new company looking out for your butt

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We Need to Talk About Recycling

An Interview with Matt Wilkins on the realities of plastic pollution

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