Get Beans!

Issue 018

March 25, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped March 25, 2019


Famous pets of Instagram? Yep. In this special issue we’re talking to some of the only Instagram “influencers” that are universally adored: the non-human ones. We catch up with our cover star Lil Bub who lets us debut her dance/pop remix; goofy Australian small dog sensation Squid the Griff talks friendship and snacks; writer Jordan Michelman explores what makes an encounter with Portland’s Rojo the Llama so deeply magical; your latest horoscope is ready to clarify and confound your life decisions; and much more.


We welcome in a duo of interesting beans from Colombia. The first a rich bodied and intensely aromatic coffee and the second sweet and fruity “honey processed” coffee. We add a delicious Ethiopia for balance and bit of pop.

Issue Articles


The internet-famous cat branches into music, the Yes Plz interview.

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In The Presence of the Llama: The Ecstasy of Rojo

Portland’s most famous llama is loved by all

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