Get Beans!

Issue 034

July 15, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped July 15, 2019


In this issue guest editor Lauren Montanari curates an insider’s look at art and design, from Casa Perfect who have built a world class showcase in the legendary Trousdale Estates, to Bower Studios out of New York whose minimalist mirrors add an element of illusion to their designs; design house Hem talks about turning the showroom into a playroom; another installment of K THX; and more!


Four stunners fill out this week’s blend to create a complex, compelling and sweet brew. Gamatui from Sipi Falls, Uganda.
Agua Blanca from Cauca, Colombia. Lucita Linda Estate from San Marcos, Guatemala. Alambi from Imbabure, Ecuador.

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More than Pretty Things

Design house Hem turns the showroom into a playroom

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