Get Beans!

Issue 036

July 29, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped July 29, 2019


In this issue we peek into a few eclectic worlds — Eli Enis talks to Erin Birgy aka Mega Bog on going from rodeo princess to musical poetess; we meet a man with the odd job of being a professional Tom Cruise impersonator; Matthew Baldwin reveals the secrets to beating each of the five worlds of the game of IKEA; we look at the self-portraiture work of make-up artist Lyle Reimer who doesn’t just think outside the box, he up-cycles the box into his art; ceramicist Phillip Kim shares a mugshot; and more.


Our 36th release is comprised of two undeniably delicious coffees. The stunning Wegida Idido from Ethiopia and Lucita Linda, an absolute gem from Guatemala. Makes for a perfect summertime brew.

Issue Articles

MUG SHOT - Phillip Kim

Favorite mugs and morning routines

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