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Issue 037

August 5, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped August 5, 2019


In this issue we talk to legendary musician Bill Callahan, the elder statesman of indie rock, about his latest record Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest and finding his real voice; Justin Gage takes us inside the nonlinear musicverse of his more-than-just-a-music-blog Aquarium Drunkard; London-based instrumental jazz group Nérija on expanding jazz’s reach; in-demand poster artist Aaron Lowell Denton shares some of his work; and more.


Two delicious coffees from Colombia join with an ever-so-sweet Guatemala and a remarkably punchy Ethiopia to create an exciting blend.

Issue Articles

Oblique & Bent
 with Aquarium Drunkard

An evening at Gold Diggers, vectors of Angeleno strangeness, and the nonlinear, multihyphenate musicverse of Aquarium Drunkard’s Justin Gage

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Bill Callahan - Dyed in the Wool

With the long-awaited release of Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest, has Bill Callahan changed? Or does the song remain the same?

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