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Issue 038

August 12, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped August 12, 2019


In this issue Willy Blackmore talks to legendary photographer Bill Owens whose dramatic images captured the chaos of the Altamont Free Concert and landed him in hot water with the Hells Angels—sharing recently unearthed photos from his new book Altamont 1969. Adam Vine takes us on a field trip the the slightly surreal L.A. Police Museum and finds much of the real history of the LAPD conspicuously missing. Albert Kass shares the lengths he’ll go to for a cone of soft serve and Tonx tastes some diner coffee while surrounded by cops.


A staff favorite, the easy-drinking Lucita Linda from Guatemala serves as the cornerstone of this release accompanied by support from the stunning Gamatui from Uganda and the classic Agua Blanca from Colombia.

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As Adam Vine investigates, the LA Police Museum cops a thin blue line between fact and Hollywood fiction. And what’s missing tells the real story.

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