Get Beans!

Issue 040

August 26, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped August 26, 2019


This issue we meet Ben Collins of Detroit’s minihorse who bridges sound and science, makes apps, and has the weird side-hustle of babysitting an android; Willy Blackmore talks to Seamus Blackley whose Ancient Yeast Club project aims to bring archeology and DNA analysis to sourdough bread; Remembering David Berman; and more.


Building on a foundation of a winning coffee from Guatemala (the delicious Lucita Linda), we tease out some extra sweetness and nuance with the addition of a few favorites, including an Ethiopia stunner from the Wegida Idido Cooperative.

Issue Articles

Ben Collins of minihorse Explores the Intersections of Technology, Sound, and Biology

An interview with Michigan’s multitalented musician, producer, and inventor

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Remembering David Berman

Music editor Joshua Fisher with a playlist in remembrance of the singer/poet and Silver Jews frontman

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