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Issue 044

September 23, 2019

Get Beans!

Shipped September 23, 2019


In this issue Talia Lavin shares her obsession with Food Insider’s wildly popular videos. We talk to experimental hip-hop trio Clipping who are turning movie pitches into music. Logan Cross reveals her addiction to watching other people’s wedding videos. Annada Rathi suggests we reconsider our serving sizes. And more…


A blend of three stunning coffees: Lucita Linda from Guatemala, Agua Blanca from Colombia, and a selection from the Hingakawa Women’s Coffee association in Rwanda.

Issue Articles

Interview with horrorcore hip-hop geniuses Clipping.

The L.A.-based experimental hip hop trio’s new album melds fiction and film

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A Feast for the Eyes

Talia Lavin on the voyeurism and excess of Food Insider’s wildly popular videos

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