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Issue 045

September 30, 2019

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Shipped September 30, 2019


In this issue we eat pancakes with rising pop star Miya Folick and talk about touring, her songwriting process, and what it’s like to share the same job as your significant other. We interview prolific artist Miles Wintner whose work has graced album covers and concert posters. Sumi talks about toothbrushes, Tonx talks about burnout, and more.


We are rolling with a four bean scheme this week. A mix of coffees starting with a peaberry from the Hingakawa Womens Coffee Association in Gakenke, Rwanda. We add in the Alambi from Ecuador, some Agua Blanca from Cauca, Colombia, and the creamy and dreamy Nueva Amanecer from Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Issue Articles

Throwing Paintings in a River

An interview with Miles Wintner whose poster and album art catches eyes and evokes sounds

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